Saturday, April 7, 2012

Word Wall Clue Hunt

Ahhh! Spring Break is finally here. As much as I enjoy being with the kiddos at school, I have been looking forward to a break and spending some time with my family. Hopefully, we have a few nice days to get outside. It is still cold in Michigan. I also thought Spring Break would be a perfect time to explore blogging about my first grade classroom.

Word Wall Clue Hunt
Like most first grade teachers, I am always trying to think of fun ways to practice and review our word wall words. My students love to cheer and chant them. They also enjoy doing a Word Wall Clue Hunt.

When we do a hunt,  I give my students clues for 10 review words that are already on the word wall. I will describe the clues that I would give for the word "ate."

1. The word that I'm thinking of is a verb - an action word. (I give the students time to read the words and see what verbs they can find.)
2. This word has a long "A" vowel sound. (I give the students time to look at the words again.)
3. The word that I'm looking at is on pink.  (The words on my word wall are 8 different colors to help the students find words.)

By now the students would have guessed that the word is "ate." Then I have the students turn to their learning partner and put the word in a sentence to match the picture or I would say, "Yes, the word I was thinking of is "ate", The boy ate the hamburger." The words on the word wall all have pictures to help the students make connections visually.

After we find 10 words, the students choose 2 of the words and make new words with the same spelling pattern.
If I can spell "ate", then I can spell; mate, rate, late and date.
Click on the picture to download this freebie!

Visual Word Wall Words
My Visual Word Wall Words are available through my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.


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